Four years ago, my life took a turn, no, I was shoved off a cliff and told to fly…. metaphorically speaking by the universe.

On December 7, 2017, I got a call at 5am from my dad, telling me my brother had a heart attack in the middle of the night and had died. He had just turned 50 and this came as a shock. A few months later, my marriage of 25 years fell apart, I lost my home and then my job of 22 years was terminated. All of these things happened to me in less than a year. It was a blur and since then, my life has been a process of picking up the pieces and putting my life back together again.

I tell this story not to gain your sympathy or pity but to give you some context of where I am coming from and also to share the incredible miracles that have arisen from that fatal first moment that acted as a catalyst to get me back on course to my true self. The fact was, I wasn’t happy for a long time. At the end of the day, the universe took matters into its hands and made it impossible for me to deny things weren’t right.

I am regaining my life. I got a severance and a scholarship and went back to school. An opportunity that presented itself which I never would have considered if I had been working at my old job that in today’s standards, I had been doing for far too long. I was in the process of transitioning my career since my children are grown and I was ready for something new. If I had lost my job before leaving my husband, I never would have had the courage to leave an unfulfilling marriage.

Unbelievable miracles have occurred for me every step of this journey. Yes, my brother died, but because of him, I found my voice to speak up for myself. My family and friends rallied with me to put a stop to the tyranny in my life. I have become connected with my community like never before. There has been a sense of justice in the midst of so many injustices. The universe has been speaking to me loud and clear about the path it expects me to take and I am listening.

For those looking in from the outside, asking, what is taking me so long to find a job already, I say this, I am working through a lot, and making sure I set myself up on a very stable foundation. I am confident that I will do something great, and serve my community in my most fulfilling reality.