2102, 2023


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I’m in a very exciting place right now. I get to focus on my first contract representing a company for a product I truly believe in.  I get to take my first steps in market research to understand the need for what I can do, to support the pain points of my market segments. I have received an abundance of guidance and support from people who want to help my business succeed.  Presenting strategies, I never knew, not even from business school.  I wake up every morning with exhilaration and anticipation for what’s next.  Last week I set up my

1701, 2023

I’m ok

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Happy New Year!   I can’t believe it’s been a year since I began writing my blogs. Looking back on what I wrote last year I got to witness my growth. Launching my website last month feels like I’ve come full circle.   I had several interviews this past week, for a job I am excited about because it has many of the elements I have been looking for. I have been practicing my stories with my coach and I feel so different about interviewing now than ever before.   I have been piecing together my experiences in story format.

2012, 2022


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I haven’t written a blog in a long time. here is why.... My website is ready and here it is. I’m officially an entrepreneur. I have tried and failed many times in this journey, I guess that really qualifies me as an entrepreneur. I have a company name, a logo, a website, Facebook, Instagram and Google business accounts. I have this amazing team supporting me to help create my brand. I’m nervous as hell but I know what is important to me…. I built it, will you come?

2911, 2022

Good Bones

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I had an interview for a job that I had been directed towards, applied for and passed the HR screening. When I interviewed with the hiring manager, I wasn’t qualified for the job. I am discouraged. I feel a little melancholy. It’s been four years, today, since I lost my job and I’m still going through these lows. I need to shake it off and remind myself of the highs too. Traveling, going back to school, teaching yoga and writing blogs. I am fortunate to have this time. I have enjoyed my expansion; I am savoring my freedom and creativity

811, 2022


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I have been writing my blogs with such enthusiasm, without understanding what is calling me. I say to you that it is helpful for me to write my blogs to make sense of my journey. Truthfully, it makes my heart sing to write my stories. This brings me to the conclusion that I am a storyteller. I know now, with every ounce of my being, that this is my zone of genius! Many of my successes in life, stem from this. I flashback to sixth grade to my enthusiasm about reporting current events on the shootings of Ronald Reagan and

211, 2022

I am that

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My yoga retreat left me reflecting on many of the discussions that I want to continue to share with you. I’m still processing them. One of the powerful meditations we learned at the retreat was the mantra, Om tat sat, meaning, I am that. Om, on a long inhale and two short exhales, tat, sat. Repeating this mantra and translating it to the meaning, I am that, followed up with what you are feeling in your heart. For instance, I am that, curiosity; I am that, clarity; I am that, alignment; I am that, love; I am that, I can

2110, 2022

Fired up

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I love that my journey has become an adventure. Have you ever acted on an impulse to go on an adventure, with a sense of urgency and importance that must be fulfilled? This has been happening to me more and more frequently. I recently piggy-backed onto a yoga retreat to Todos Santos in Mexico. I knew no one in the group and I didn’t care. I was being called to experience a yoga retreat now. They had a last-minute cancellation. I found flights, although, it required me to get there a day early and stay two days longer, oh darn!

2609, 2022

Tabula Rasa

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I was recently in NYC to attend my son’s white coat ceremony. His Dean explained the significance of the white coat as a “tabula rasa”, or, “clean slate” and the idea that there are times in our lives when we get to start with a clean canvas and layer on our newly acquired knowledge and experiences onto our canvas. A fresh start and an opportunity to create something new. Like my children, I am currently experiencing this clean slate in my own life. Staring at my blank canvas, I tentatively anticipate my next brushstroke. I already have a few masterpieces

2608, 2022


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I have been putting this off! My impact statement, elevator speech, bio or whatever you want to call it. I mentioned at the end of my last blog that I am planning to do it and here I am, not done with it, not started, not knowing where to start with it because frankly, I haven’t been feeling it. That being said, I just listened to a Ben Albert podcast with his guest, Rudi Riekstins, and it got me all fired up and filled me with inspiration. Rudi talked about little traumas and big traumas that make up your life

1608, 2022

Road Trip

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I recently completed a breathtaking road trip. It started out with the scenic drive home to Ontario, where my folks live in a rural town near the St. Lawrence River adjacent to Ottawa and Montreal. I have been making this trip for many summers with my family when my sister, who lives in England, also makes the trip home with her family. This was the first time in 5 years, that we were all together and our reunion consisted of trips to Ottawa and Montreal to visit water parks, attend my brother-in-law’s performances at the Osheaga festival and to celebrate

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