I hope. You all are having a glorious summer!

I have taken a month-long break from job searching. About two and a half weeks in I felt inspired to start writing my next blog. I decided to take a break because I have been at this for almost 4 years, and I felt tired and discouraged. My lack of success has been coming from within and I have work to do on myself before I get to move forward.

I have decided to focus on satisfaction in other areas of my life. After renewing my lease for another year I decided to clean out every closet, purge and organize my space. I planted flowers and tomato seeds into pots on my deck and I’m enjoying watching them grow. I cleared the clutter along my sight lines, so I see order and that makes me feel calm.

Being able to walk into my laundry room, pantry, and walk-in closets may seem trivial, but they have made the difference between me feeling chaos to feeling peace. Having everything in its place provides me with a feeling of relief and order in my life, finally when there has been so much chaos, distraction and things out of control, I am starting to feel calm again. My metaphorical purging, cleansing of my emotions and letting go feels good and gives me space for something new.

I got a grasp on my finances. I interviewed many potential financial advisors, and I learned a great deal from each of them. I am grateful for the time they spent with me to teach me the different aspects of generating an income by growing my investments and to understand my tolerance for risk. I have a much better understanding for what I have and what I need to live comfortably. It took away the financial fears I was feeling about not having a job based on my isolation from financial planning throughout my life. I have the capacity for managing my finances. This was an empowering process and has released me from the fear of lack.

During this break, because I got these big aspects of my life in order, I got to spend good quality, worry-free time with my son while he was home on his break. Also, I have been embracing teaching yoga from the perspective that I can make a difference in how my students feel about themselves. These are important breakthroughs for me because nurturing is important to who I am, and these activities deserve my time and attention and how I can make a difference in this fractured world.

Last, but not least, I washed my windows. It felt so good to notice the difference between clean and dirty windows. As a metaphor for my month’s activities, I appreciate my ability to get clear and have the freedom to take control of my life. I gave myself one mission every day and it was to find joy in everything I was doing that day, including cleaning out closets. Even things I felt resistance towards like going for a run, having gratitude for the fact that I get to run, that I have a healthy body to propel me where I want or need to go and breathe freely shifted that perspective.

I am filled with appreciation for my blessings, leaving no room for confusion or uncertainty about being worthy or deserving. After a month of inspiration-based activity clearing out clutter, getting clear, letting go and having fun, this process has been very satisfying. Now that the month is coming to an end, I’m not sure what will come next. I am confident that as I continue to pursue more inspired action and make space for myself, I am headed in the right direction, and it will be exactly what I need to feel good. Right now I am at peace and my heart is full. I will keep you posted.