I have been putting this off! My impact statement, elevator speech, bio or whatever you want to call it. I mentioned at the end of my last blog that I am planning to do it and here I am, not done with it, not started, not knowing where to start with it because frankly, I haven’t been feeling it.

That being said, I just listened to a Ben Albert podcast with his guest, Rudi Riekstins, and it got me all fired up and filled me with inspiration. Rudi talked about little traumas and big traumas that make up your life that make you who you are, that make you authentic.

And here I am, feeling like someone finally put my feelings into words, I’m piecing together my authenticity and now I know where to begin. Service, makes me feel good. The only way for me to be successful is to do these things that MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!

My current bio goes like this, My name is Nivedita Kohli, I am a clinical pharmacist with my most recent 20 years’ experience at Independent Health, my strengths include clinical pharmacy, data analysis and strategy to find solutions to make healthcare sustainable and affordable….. not very inspiring…..

At this stage in my journey, my message FEELS more like this:

I am a pharmacist and a business woman with extensive expertise in the healthcare industry. I understand the business of pharmacy and how decisions made at a corporate level can impact and affect the daily health of large populations. When a new drug is made available, the intent to affect the most people in the best possible way results in compromises where everyone does not benefit. With this knowledge I advocate for the following sectors:

1. Individual patients: Protect their best interests are considered through medication management and navigating the healthcare system.

2. Health plans: Leverage market share and other competitive strategies.

3. Healthcare systems: Reduce redundancy and improve efficiency.

4. Employer groups: Ensure decisions are being made in the best interest of quality healthcare that directly impacts the productivity of employees.

5. Prescribers: Make certain the clinical outcomes and productivity of the medical office is not being adversely affected.

There is a misalignment right now between pharmacy as a business opposed to the service it was meant to be. I advocate for high quality, cost-effective pharmacy healthcare services. Navigating the healthcare system is complex and if any entity is not confident in the care, he/she is receiving or paying for, I can help.

There are so many facets for where my knowledge and skills can be put to use. At the end of the day, if it benefits the patient, that is what good healthcare is supposed to achieve. This has always been my calling since I became a pharmacist and throughout my evolution, to be able to problem solve from any perspective.

I will advocate directly based on what the client needs from a pharmacist/managed perspective. My armamentarium includes, medication management, medical exception processes, market share and data analysis, therapeutic outcome evaluation and holistic sense for what is in the best interest of the patient.

And now I need your help! Help me get my proposition statement out to the maximum number of people for exposure about what I can do in different sectors as a consultant. Do you know someone who is struggling with healthcare decisions? Do you have a friend or loved one who could use an overhaul of their medications or an advocate to straighten out their insurance coverage woes?

Do you know of an organization who is frustrated with their overall healthcare costs and could use insight into what is going on behind the scenes for their drug coverage negotiations and decisions that may not be in their best interest? Are you a medical practice so overburdened by your day-to-day work so that there is no time to scrutinize healthcare delivery inefficiencies, especially when it comes to insurance hoops to jump through? If you need a set of fresh eyes with innovative solutions to make your healthcare quality of life better and more efficient, give me a call!

Thanks for listening to my consultation plug. Putting myself out there is out of my comfort zone and I need your help! I love my network I have built over the years! Thank you so much for your continued support and sticking with me through my journey! Stay tuned as I update my LinkedIn profile with the services I plan to offer.