I love that my journey has become an adventure. Have you ever acted on an impulse to go on an adventure, with a sense of urgency and importance that must be fulfilled? This has been happening to me more and more frequently.

I recently piggy-backed onto a yoga retreat to Todos Santos in Mexico. I knew no one in the group and I didn’t care. I was being called to experience a yoga retreat now. They had a last-minute cancellation. I found flights, although, it required me to get there a day early and stay two days longer, oh darn! I found coverage to teach my yoga classes; the planets were aligning, affirming that this was meant to happen for me.

It is common practice at the beginning of yoga practice to set intentions for the practice… we were asked to set our intentions that first night on what our intentions were for the retreat by writing them on a piece of paper. I came to the retreat seeking alignment. I have been in search of my zone of genius after reading the book, The Big Leap. I desired clarity on this.

We were also asked to list the things we wished to let go of and write them on a piece of paper to be tossed ceremoniously into a fire pit. Having met all of these new people, I found myself repeating my story over and over again and I thought maybe, it was time to let my story go. I thought maybe that’s what I needed to do in order for me to move forward. Still, it would be hard for me to get through this situation of meeting 29 new people without giving some context of my journey and what led up to joining this yoga retreat.

It was then I realized that my story wasn’t actually holding me back. My story is beautiful, it’s a story about transformation, miracles, divine messages and clarity. My story is how I became who I am right now. It connected me with others, total strangers, I had just met who all shared their own stories with me, creating a powerful bond at once. That is when I realized that my zone of genius is my ability to connect with others through vulnerability, trust and being genuinely empathetic to others.

What I ultimately let go of, was my need to overthink things, and embrace my journey.