I had an interview for a job that I had been directed towards, applied for and passed the HR screening. When I interviewed with the hiring manager, I wasn’t qualified for the job.

I am discouraged.

I feel a little melancholy. It’s been four years, today, since I lost my job and I’m still going through these lows. I need to shake it off and remind myself of the highs too. Traveling, going back to school, teaching yoga and writing blogs. I am fortunate to have this time. I have enjoyed my expansion; I am savoring my freedom and creativity for reinventing myself. My experiences have taught me a lot.

Right now, I feel like an HGTV home renovation stripped to the studs. I have good bones and it’s time to rebuild with the best quality materials, I have my crew, my business advisor, my coach, my web designer, my networking team, my friends and family, steadfast with me.

Tenacity is draining and has taken its toll. Even though I feel like giving up, they won’t let me. I am being carried right now. I have my team, not giving up on me and for that, I am grateful.

With that, I’m going to take a minute for myself, the same way I guide my yoga students to take what they need from their practice, I’m going to allow myself the same grace.