I entered a contest today! I am not the type of person who enters contests because they make me feel uncomfortable, however, I have been inspired to enter the Yoga Warrior Contest!

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years ago, after my son was born and I realized that I was neglecting myself and my health. I was a mother of two, working a full-time job, and managing our household and my health and well-being were being impacted. I still remember my mom, sitting me down and giving me permission to prioritize my health. I’m obedient that way and when a good friend introduced me to yoga, for its physical benefits as well as the mental health benefits and positive environment I decided to try it out.

I remember my first class at East Meets West with Anita, when I was in final rest, I felt a release of emotions and my whole body sunk into the mat and I actually fell asleep. I hadn’t realized how exhausted I had become. I was hooked. The energy I felt in that room cannot be explained.

I continued taking classes at the studio and then at my gym I met some amazing instructors. One instructor, Rob, invited me to teach his class for him. I realized how challenging it was and how my masterful instructors made it look so easy to talk, breath and move at the same time, choreographing sequences that flowed so effortlessly.

A couple of years ago, Marina, the owner of Mind, Body, Flow Yoga, my trusted and respected teacher, encouraged me to take her yoga teacher certification training program. This coincided with when my Master’s program was about to commence and conflicted with at least two weekends of classes. Marina convinced me that we would make it work somehow.

My teacher training experience was with 20 of the most amazing people I am honored to call my friends to this day! We laughed, we cried, we sweated out and we persevered to achieve our 200 hour yoga certifications despite Covid throwing a wrench into our last weekend of training and being postponed a few months down the road and on zoom, nonetheless.

We were the one and only teacher training cohort of the Mind Body Yoga Studio, which ended up closing down the next year due to Covid. I am so grateful that I didn’t decide to put it off for another year. All the planets aligned to enable me to complete the training even with the conflicts with my Master’s program. My way was paved and now I am a yoga teacher, something I wanted from that moment Rob invited me to teach his class years ago.

I have recently accepted a position to teach yoga for the new YogaSix studio which will be opening up in Williamsville in April. I went through another intense training this past weekend and I’m so excited to be working with these fine yogis and to learn from them as well. As my yoga journey continues, I am hoping to be able to share my passion for yoga and integrate it into people’s lives as a positive, uplifting method to obtain physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

I have entered the Yoga Warrior contest because I want to inspire others with my passion for yoga and share my yoga journey with others. I would really appreciate your support by voting for me: