My yoga retreat left me reflecting on many of the discussions that I want to continue to share with you. I’m still processing them.

One of the powerful meditations we learned at the retreat was the mantra, Om tat sat, meaning, I am that. Om, on a long inhale and two short exhales, tat, sat. Repeating this mantra and translating it to the meaning, I am that, followed up with what you are feeling in your heart. For instance, I am that, curiosity; I am that, clarity; I am that, alignment; I am that, love; I am that, I can do anything; I am that!

We are at the mercy of our beliefs! It is important to assess them and identify which of our beliefs are limiting us, like for me, living humbly, that success is a negative thing and that shining bright is not to be sought. Be humble, don’t brag, don’t show off! When you think about these beliefs, do they feed your soul or do they make you feel small?

It is important to look hard at our beliefs and discard ones that don’t serve us, shifting to a more beneficial belief is in your power.

It may help to know where they come from. Maybe, you failed at something and came to the conclusion that you’re not good at it, for instance, I killed plants in my younger days and since my mom was a natural gardener, I assumed the green thumb skipped a generation.

This summer when I chose to bloom where I am planted and beautify my living space, I planted some tomato seeds and flowers in pots on my deck and they grew into big bushy, healthy plants. And then they started growing fruit! What happened to my theory that I didn’t have a green thumb?

I look at those plants and my flowers now that are thriving and I have new beliefs. Having no interest in gardening is one thing but I have plant envy and notice homes with thriving greenery and colorful flowers, feeling like a failure because I let a plant die.

The point being, that by becoming consciously aware of our beliefs, we can reprogram our minds to better beliefs and become who we really want to be, from our heart. Om tat sat!