I bought and moved into the house of my dreams a couple of weeks ago.


I can’t get over the emotions that I have experienced these past few months.  I have gone through buried memories resurfacing of shock, anger and pain.  I have experienced new pains in this process in addition to the excitement of home ownership.  What a rollercoaster.


I have learned to roll with things.  They say moving is one of the hardest things you can do and yes, I believe it.  I am physically and emotionally exhausted.


On the bright side, my shoulders, back and arms are buff and my cardio from trekking up and down stairs hundreds of times with heavy boxes is better than any workout I’ve ever done.  This is what my body has been training for all these years.  I realize how incredibly strong I am!


I thought I could do it all on my own.  People offered to help, but I felt this was my cross to bear.  The culmination of my journey, to this place where I have been dreaming for 5 years since I left my family home.  At the end, I had help from some persistent friends and my family who came to help.  These are the times when you accept help.  I am blessed.


The universe guided me here when I was ready.  This house was built by 3 strong, independent women, designed beautifully with every tree imaginable and a Japanese garden to sit and meditate in.  I fell in love with it the moment I stepped on the property.


I have a little vegetable garden and a patio to sit out and enjoy all the trees and nature in my yard.  I have a yard again!!  Did I mention that?  Yes, and yard-work too.  I have never been so enthusiastic about raking leaves. I am so grateful!


It’s going to take time to settle in.  The walls of my house echo.  I have a clean pallet to decorate and create my new home with new memories.  I get to start over again.


Here begins my next chapter.