I am reposting my original blog from one year ago, to circle back and notice how far I have come from the beginning of my journey…..


Five years ago, my life took a turn, no, I was shoved off a cliff…. metaphorically speaking, by the universe.


On December 7, 2017, I got a call at 5am from my dad, telling me my brother had died of a heart attack overnight.  He had just turned 50 and this came as a shock.


A few months later, my marriage of 25 years fell apart, I lost my home and then my job of 22 years was terminated.  All of these things happened to me in less than a year.


I tell this story to give some context of where I am coming from and share the incredible miracles that have arisen from that fatal first moment that sent me on a trajectory to get me back on course to my true self.


My brother’s death gave me the courage to speak up for myself and end an unfulfilling marriage.  My family and friends rallied with me to put a stop to the tyranny in my life.  I became connected with my community like never before.


I got a severance and a scholarship and went back to school.  An opportunity that presented itself which I never would have considered if I had been working at my old job that in today’s standards, I had been doing for too long.


My children are grown and I am ready for something new.  I have questioned every aspect of my identity and gained great clarity about who I am.  I am rebuilding my life from a clean slate.


I have recently started my own consulting company because this is the best way for me to freely express my passions in the work that I choose to do.


Throughout my transition, writing has been an outlet for me to figure things out.  I have embraced my blogging this past year.  I have been able to see the progression from when I started writing to where I am now.  I appreciate you following my journey.