Today, I got some feedback from a yoga student that broke my heart.  I should not have reacted with the intensity that I did.  In the service industry, you are going to get criticism, I know that, but it hurts because I give my heart and soul to teaching my students.


The interesting thing is that it triggered the feelings of defensiveness mingled with confusion from a few years ago when I was told my position of 22 years at IH was being eliminated.


I flashed back to my initial physical reaction, huddled in a conference room…. like a cornered, wounded animal…. It came back fresh and painful.  It is important to recognize that throughout my journey, I have been terrified of reliving that trauma.  And each time something like this happens, I realize that this is not going to destroy me.


I am meeting adversity, with the calm certainty, that I will handle it, learn from it and thrive and I am releasing my defensiveness to experience something extraordinary.  It’s time.