I have been writing my blogs with such enthusiasm, without understanding what is calling me. I say to you that it is helpful for me to write my blogs to make sense of my journey. Truthfully, it makes my heart sing to write my stories.

This brings me to the conclusion that I am a storyteller. I know now, with every ounce of my being, that this is my zone of genius!

Many of my successes in life, stem from this. I flashback to sixth grade to my enthusiasm about reporting current events on the shootings of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, collecting facts and reporting to my classmates. I vividly remember my thrill with current events reporting.

A few years later, in high school, I wrote the column for our high school in our local newspaper. I loved it! I. took the responsibility so seriously that my grades dropped and I didn’t become a prestigious Ontario Scholar. I didn’t realize the power of that call to write my stories until recently when I dug deep to discover my zone of genius.

I had glimpses of my genius in my professional career, around storytelling. I researched and collected facts and data, I dug deep, for the truth. I presented the cases, to medical directors and other senior executives who made decisions, based on my story. I am proud of my talent because it ended up in the best care for my patients and the most economical outcome for my employer.

I have the opportunity to work as an academic detailer and knowing that I need to research, collect data and facts and create programs and solutions for clients is a very satisfying use of my talents. Whatever I decide to do next must allow me to hone my storytelling skills.

I am also in the process of building my own consulting company and my clients can count on me to serve them in a similar way, depending on what they need, research, collect facts and weave creative solutions. This is a very exciting prospect. I am having fun with this. I will keep you updated when I’m ready to unveil my company.

Whatever direction I decide to go in, the knowledge of my genius is propelling me towards refining and honing my talents and my purpose. Thank you for following my journey through my story telling.